20th Annual Hermitage Light Up Parade

The 20th annual Hermitage Holiday Light Up Parade will be held Saturday, November 18th, 2017 at 6pm. The Buhl Club will be participating in this years parade! The theme will be “Dance Party.”

Buhl Club Kids and Parents riding on the float or walking, please note some of the following instructions for a safe and fun evening. We are float #31. There are 68 floats total.

PARADE START/END: Parade starts at 6:00PM at Kraynaks and heads down State Street. It turns left (north) on RT 18 and ends at the light by McDonalds. The float will continue up Rt 18 and turn into Hickory High School parking lot to disassemble.
Our float will be located behind the Giant Eagle Plaza (movie theater parking lot). We will start decorating and assembling the float at 4:00PM. Please arrive NO LATER than 5:15.The float will be a semi-flatbed. Please bring a blanket or something to sit on. Parade runs rain, snow or shine!

ATTIRE: Dress warm! The colors we are decorating with are blue, white, silver and glitter! Be creative! For example blue hoodie/jacket, white gloves, ear warmers, headbands, scarves, etc. If you ordered a blue hoodie, we will notify you when it’s available for pick up at the front desk. We will have blue glow sticks and white and blue light up balloons for the kids.

PARKING: The parade ends at Hickory High School where we will depart from the float and tear down decorations. Please try to park in the upper parking lot near the baseball fields. They will provide a shuttle service from the school parking lot back to the floats behind Giant Eagle from 3:00PM-5:15PM. Once we depart from the float and tear down decorations, the semi-truck driver will leave. Each person is responsible for their own transportation from the school. We will not return to the Giant Eagle Plaza.

CANDY: We are not allowed to throw candy from the float. It must be handed out by those walking besides the float.

COFFEE TENT/PORT-A-POTTY: They will provide a coffee/hot chocolate tent with snacks in the float assembly area behind Giant Eagle. There will also be a port-a-potty.

Please make sure you are signed up for our text alert system. If there is anything we need to notify you of the day of the parade an alert will be sent out. If you haven’t already, please text BUHLYOUTH or BUHLDANCE to 84483 to receive an alert regarding the parade.