The BCRC Gymnastics Program

2018 is approaching and exciting changes are happening to the Buhl Club. On top of the Childcare opening and the rapid growth of Pickle ball, we can not forget about the other programs that already exist at the Buhl Club. The Buhl Clubs gymnastics program has been a program there for decades. This traditional program has been a favorite for many families and children. Gymnastics, now, is a co-ed sport or activity. At the Buhl Club, the gymnastics program is non competitive and open to new students at anytime! The youth program is ran by mainly four instructors, their combined experience adds up to 50 years. Some instructors have dipped their toes in the Olympic experience and some were born and raised within the recreational, non competitive world of being a gymnast.

The Timblin Annex, which is the name of the Buhl Clubs gymnastics studio, is in need of some love and care. Our instructors are slightly struggling to fully educate their current students on the basics and complexities of gymnastics. Over the decades, some equipment has become obsolete or damaged with old age, which has become a concern for the instructors and children.

With that being said, the Buhl Club Gymnastics Program is featuring a fundraiser for current students or non students that curious about the world of gymnastics. The fundraiser is called SWAP, drop and roll! This fundraiser was created by senior instructor Haley T. and youth instructor Juanita M. about swapping roles for a day with their parents. The program has a two week break for the holidays and it is the perfect time to do this fundraiser. This event will happen January 10th, 2018. The students become the coaches and the parents become the students. A great and different fundraiser – which is  a WONDERFUL time to bond with your gymnast.

We are also selling Buhl Club Kids Tshirts and Gymnastics Tshirts for $10 – right now. We will be hosting more fundraisers in the near future, so please keep an eye out.