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Membership Rates



Monthly *




Youth (Grades 0-8) $5  $10  $120    
Youth (Grades 9-12) $5  $15  $180    
College $5 $20  $240    
Adult $10 $30 $360    
Family (2 or more) $15 $50 $600    


Membership Payment Options:

We have changed the options for membership to daily passes or annual membership. All annual memberships will either be pay in full for the year OR automatic draft once a month from your bank or credit card.

(*) Paying month to month will no longer be an option unless you choose the auto draft option. Please note the cost per month has been reduced. Daily passes will continue to be available and we accept all forms of payment (cash, check or credit card).

Annual Membership: There will be a cancellation fee if a member terminates within the first 12 months. After the first 12 months, there will no longer be a cancellation fee. The cost of the cancellation fee will be the cost of one additional month.  There will be a joiner fee of one-month added for anyone signing back up for membership within one year of their cancellation date.  

Registration FormMembership Application
United Way Form: UNITED WAY FORM


Memberships are offered to area companies and municipalities who would like to provide discounted membership rates. Please contact the Business Office if you would like to set up a corporate membership for your company or municipality, or to inquire if your company or municipality currently offers a corporate membership.


You may be eligible for a monthly membership if you have a supplement to your insurance plans for Medicare. Call or stop by the Business Office or ask Mary Ann for more information at 724-981-3700 ext 102.

Senior Insurance programs include Silver Sneakers, Silver&Fit, Active and Fit, Forever Fit and Prime Insurance. Call and see if you qualify.

Locker Rental Rates 

  Sauna Steam Men’s
1 Month $12  $12  $6
Annual $36  $36  $30

* Public lockers are available for daily use

* Locks are available for use at the Control Desk *