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Youth Sports 

Over the years the Buhl Community Recreation Center has provided countless sports, games and activities for our youth in the Shenango Valley.  In that same spirit we are providing additional youth programs which focus on physical activity and teamwork in a fun and safe environment for girls and boys of all ages.  In order to promote youth sports we have established a team of youth sports coaches who are dedicated and committed to serve the kids as well as the school districts of our valley. 

The Buhl Community Recreation Center’s history has always been to help promote youth activities in the Shenango Valley.  We want to experience this opportunity, to have a great recreational facility available for your kids!  So please give us your input, we want to hear from you!  This is your chance to tell us what you want available for your kids.  Also, if you have any interest in volunteering as a future coach or assistant in any sport let us know.

We recognize that future generations stand before us as our children, let’s give them every opportunity to succeed, develop and have fun at the Buhl Community Recreation Center.

Preschool Sports

Sports and Games 7 Week Session for ages 3-5
Saturdays beginning March 4th from 11:30-12:15
Soccer- passing, dribbling, kicking to score, moving the ball
Baseball- throwing and catching with beanbags, throwing at targets, throwing and catching with softy balls, running bases game
Volleyball- balloons and beachballs
Basketball- shooting at targets
Parachute day, tag games, relay races
Fees: Member $25 Non Member $50
To register, stop by the front desk or call 724-981-3700 ext. 102.
Instructor: Haley Thirion

Youth Sports

7 week session beginning February 27th
Flag Football 5:30-6:30
Baseball (incudes use of the batting cage) 5:30-6:30
Basketball 9:00-10:00
Soccer 10:00-11:00
Fee per sport: $25 member, $50 non member
To register stop by the front desk or call 724-981-3700 ext. 102
Instructor: Joe Grasso