Scholarships & Financial Assistance


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Who does the Buhl Community Recreation Center (BCRC) seek to serve?

  • Families facing economic hardship or living in poverty.
  • Youth referred by school districts, churches and human service organizations.
  • Families or adults who are temporarily out of work.
  • Single parent families struggling with the absence of a parent in the family.

For what membership will assistance be given?

The BCRC offers financial support for all family, senior, adult, student, and youth memberships. Assistance is for basic memberships only. All financial assistance agreements will be re-evaluated if the applicant provides funds to “upgrade” membership type.

How much assistance will be provided?

Financial aid is awarded based on income, number of participants in the family, and the amount of scholarship dollars available. The amount is based on guidelines from 2015 United States Poverty Guidelines. Children are given first preference for any funds available.

How long will assistance continue?
Assistance is provided for one year.  After one year, you must reapply if assistance is still needed.

How will you receive assistance with your membership?

  1. Obtain a financial assistance application at the Member Service Center.
  2. Complete the application and return it to the BCRC with verification of current income, such as pay stubs, W-2, IRS tax forms, and any government assistance. *No application will be considered without documentation of income *
  3. Financial Assistance will continue as long as payments are made according to the arrangement.  Once a membership is terminated for nonpayment, it is unlikely that it will be reinstated.
  4. The financial assistance program payment plan is now Bank Draft only. If you are approved for financial assistance you will receive a letter, along with the bank draft documents, in the mail. You must bring the letter, bank draft documents, and the 1st month payment to begin your membership.

Who will see my information?
Your information is kept confidential and will only be seen by BCRC staff.

Who furnishes the funds for Scholarships?

Funds are provided by our members and partners who donate to our organization for Youth and from the United Way of Mercer County.


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